Rebecca's Story


Rebecca is a survivor.


She is strong, determined, and eager to move forward after leaving an abusive marriage. Rebecca found out about Safelight from a close friend and once here she immediately received shelter, courtroom advocacy, counseling, and case management. All of these pieces allowed Rebecca to begin the healing process in a safe and helpful environment where she could set goals and plan for the future. To become more financially self-sufficient, Rebecca entered into the Safelight job training program.


Rebecca and the Safelight job training program director determined “Sewing Our World Together,” the new sewing internship, would be the best fit for her. She eagerly joined our knowledgeable volunteers and other interns to learn the basics of sewing and marketing skills.


Soon, she was enjoying the hum of the machine and losing herself in this therapeutic time with new friends. Now, Rebecca and others in the program are creating unique handmade products that are for sale in Dandelion! Safelight’s expanded job training program helps survivors like Rebecca learn not only new on-the-job skills, but also critical soft skills like confidence, effective communication, personal responsibility, teamwork, problem-solving, and time management. During the six to twelve-month internships, participants earn an hourly stipend, have access to affordable housing options, are provided free childcare, and participate in other job-related activities.

Funded By:

United Way
Council For Women
Family Violence Prevention Services Program
Mary Kay Foundation

Thank you to United Way, the NC Council for Women and Youth Involvement-Family Violence Prevention Services Act Program, US DHHS, and the Mary Kay Foundation for financial support.