Ruby's Story


Ruby viewed her boyfriend’s jealousy as a sign of how much he valued her. “If he didn’t care he wouldn’t be jealous, right?” After dating for a few months, he became possessive, always wanting to know who she was with and where she was going. To avoid combative questions and inevitable arguments, Ruby stopped going out altogether. She eventually became completely isolated from family and friends. Ruby tried to break up with him once, but he promised to change. He told her he would start attending therapy and take anger management classes. Ruby believed him, so she stayed. The longer she remained with him the more intense the emotional and verbal abuse became, eventually escalating to physical violence.


Ruby walked away from everything in her old life when she moved into the Safelight emergency shelter. Once here, Ruby actively engaged in her recovery from abuse and though she finally felt safe, healing took time.


Ruby received counseling to cope with the symptoms of trauma that remained after leaving her relationship. She also began attending both the support groups offered at the shelter and our weekly parenting classes led by Safelight therapists. Today, Ruby participates in the Safelight job training program and interns at the Safelight Resale Store. She is saving money and in the process of securing affordable housing so she can leave the emergency shelter and begin her new life.

Funded By:

United Way
Council For Women
Family Violence Prevention Services Program
Mary Kay Foundation

Thank you to United Way, the NC Council for Women and Youth Involvement-Family Violence Prevention Services Act Program, US DHHS, and the Mary Kay Foundation for financial support.