Home for the Holidays

Thank you for your compassion and love for the individuals and families we serve here at Safelight! To ensure your gifts have a strong impact all year long, and to be sure every client feels loved during the holidays and beyond, we have created a wonderful new way for you to give called Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays has replaced the Giving Tree in the Safelight Resale Store to ensure your gift has an impact all year, not just during the holidays. Sometimes it's easy to remember those in need during the holidays, but the needs continue all year. This will help meet the needs of our clients in every season.

Starting on Small Business Saturday, November 28th, we will have a dollhouse setup at our Resale Store with specific rooms for you to drop gift cards or cash/checks of any amount. If you want to give a gift card for a client mom or dad to purchase gifts, you can place your gift in the middle room box. Giving this way will ensure parents have the dignity of shopping for their own children. Thinking beyond the actual holiday, maybe you want to give a gift card for an individual to have gas to make it to their counseling appointments or food to feed their family. You can drop your gift in the left side room. And if you want your gift to have the most impact and be used wherever needed, just drop your gift card in the right side room.

This type of giving focuses on empowering individuals and parents to purchase what they and their children need and what they know their kids will like. Think of it as you sharing the gift of giving. Your gift actually gives twice: to the children or adults who receive the gifts, and to the parents who are now able to experience the fun and joy of giving to their children.

Home for the Holidays

Funded By:

United Way
Council For Women
Family Violence Prevention Services Program
Advent Health

Thank you to United Way, the NC Council for Women and Youth Involvement-Family Violence Prevention Services Act Program, US DHHS, and Advent Health for financial support.