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24/7 Shelter and Hotline

Our shelter since 1984 operating and now has capacity for up to 40 beds, and is available, space permitting, to all survivors of interpersonal violence regardless of age, race, sex, sexual orientation, or income level. The shelter includes a kitchen area and living rooms as well as dorm space as well as a van for transportation support. An outside secure area is provided, and our security system is monitored 24/7. Residents participate in case management and are linked to other programs. 24/7 Crisis Hotline takes calls in this space and links to appropriate services.

If you are in Immediate Danger, Call 9-1-1

A safe place to rest, heal, and gain support. You are provided with all your basic needs while in shelter which includes food, clothing, and toiletries. Our staff are present 24/7 to answer our hotline, provide support, and ensure that you are always receiving support. Our facility is 40-beds with additional space for cribs/bassinets. While residing in our safe shelter, you access all our programs at Safelight. We provide weekly case management and work hard to make sure you are referred to our amazing community partners so that all your needs can be met.

  • Case management
  • Counseling
  • Support groups
  • Emergency room advocacy
  • Court advocacy
  • Law enforcement accompaniment
  • Child medical exams
  • Forensic interviews
  • Job Training
  • Housing Support

Open 24 Hours Daily

Located at:

133 5th Ave W
Hendersonville, NC

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Safe Housing Pet Program

Our shelter opened December 2023 as a Safe Housing Pet Program in partnership with Blue Ridge Humane Society, so that individuals fleeing violence do not have to leave their pets behind. Only 1 in 5 survivor shelters have an onsite space for pets and nearly half of survivor's delay leaving because they cannot take their pets with them. Our onsite pet kennel includes three dog kennels, four cat kennels, and a pet den.

Kennel Photo
Cat kennel photo
Dog kennel photo

Thank you to everyone who helped us create renovations in our facility this year! Thank you to everyone who helped us create this safe space in our shelter for our furry friends to be with their owners:

#Purina   #PurpleLeashProject

Safe Place for Pets  #RedRover

Office for Victims of Crime Emergency and Transitional Pet Shelter and Housing Assistance Grant Program

American Kennel Club

Blue Ridge Humane Society

Cannon Foundation

Community Foundation of Henderson County

Dunlap Construction Company

Goodwill Industries

James H. Cummings Foundation

and private donors, supporters, and volunteers!

Success Story

When I was scared my husband was going to physically hurt as the abuse was escalating. A coworker told me there was a shelter I could go to for domestic violence victims, Safelight (then Mainstay) helped his family member and linked her with many resources.

Safelight helped me navigate out of this abusive relationship and they taught me how to take out a restraining order and supported me when I had to call the police. Three years later I found myself in another abusive situation and went to live with Safelight and my counselor helped me recognize the signs of power and control. With now an 18-month-old baby, I overcame my fears to become independent. After living with Safelight in shelter, we soon moved into their supportive housing in an apartment for about nine months until we were able to get our own home. We used Safelight’s Child Advocacy Center, this program helped us with personal and family therapy through the worst time in our lives. The resources they have offered us for our physical and emotional wellbeing, have been invaluable.

Sometimes it is hard to see yourself capable of moving out of an abusive relationship because the abuser will financially support you making you depend on them. Safelight’s job training program in the Resale Store empowering me to be self-sufficient and build my resume. My SafeWorks life coach helped me with budgeting, a school plan and choosing a career path. Safelight has truly been an incredible resource for me as a survivor of domestic violence and sexual abuse. My family is now in a safe position to thrive and be safe. My child and I are now thriving as survivors and contact Safelight when we need supportive counseling. The Safelight team is available day or night, they are truly a blessing to have in our community to protect those our most vulnerable.

--S., Survivor

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Governors Crime Commission
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Family Violence Prevention Services Program
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