our mission: creating hope, healing lives, changing community

• Safelight is a comprehensive agency serving survivors of child abuse, domestic violence, and sexual assault.

• Without the generosity this past year without our 590 donors, volunteers, and sponsors, we could not do what we do.

• A non-profit Henderson County serving over 37,000 individuals in the last 36 years

Safelight's History

1984: Mainstay merged 2 local groups.

1990: Resale Store opened.

2008: Shelter on 5th Ave opened, serving 4,119 unique individuals since opening

2013: Dandelion opened

2014: Family Justice Center opened

2015: Child Advocacy Center opened

2016: Merger of the Healing Place and Mainstay

2016: Counseling Center opened; serving 542 unique individuals

Board of Directors

President: Paul Tobias
Vice President: Michael Willey
Secretary: Victoria Dunkkle
Treasurer: Clint Holt
Lauren Wilkie, Executive Director


Debbie Krumrei

Chris Scruggs

Carol Stefaniak

Julie Todd

Amy Treece

Char Wojcik

2020-2021 Annual Sponsors:

Advent Health
Champion Comfort Experts
Stuller Power Solutions

Funded By:

Council For Women
Family Violence Prevention Services Program
United Way

Thank you to United Way, the NC Council for Women and Youth Involvement-Family Violence Prevention Services Act Program, US DHHS for financial support.